About Us

UNIS THAI is a manufacturers' representative and an engineering firm specializing in cement and similar industry.
Our primary market included :

 Cement, Ready Mixed Concrete             Fiber Cement
  Lime                                                           Mineral and Aggregate
  Pulp & Paper                                             Waste Treatment, Alternative Fuel & Resources
  Power Plant                                              Waste to Power


“To be a leading edge engineering solution company providing the total complete quality engineering solutions for the customers commencing from the stage of green field development to the operations and coming up with the rehabilitation stage for the cement industry and its any similar ones”


“Supply diverse engineered products, project and systems, under the high ranked standard accompanied with the highest assured quality and the competitive reasonable price, that customized to suit the customers’ business excellence”

“Provide diverse professional services, from pure technical to the management consultancy, to resolve, correct, improve and develop all the customers’ operational performances in conjunction with promoting the enhancement for building up the customers’ sustainable business success & excellence“

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