UNIS THAI Co., Ltd. was established on August 27, 2003 by a group of senior experienced and competent engineers in various fields of expertise.
Although young as a company, we have strong roots and a history of company founders who have been involved in some of the world’s most experienced companies in the development and installation of engineering projects and operations, particularly cement plants.

UNIS THAI Co., Ltd. is able to offer a wide variety of field proven, quality engineered products and services. We are able to offer customers a broad range of equipment, e.g. mechanical equipment and systems, environmental equipment and systems, electrical systems etc. as well as a broad range of technical and business solutions, consulting services for operations, i.e., maintenance, total performance development, engineering design, project management, knowledge management, procurement management etc.

UNIS THAI Co., Ltd. utilizes our excellent engineering experience and creativity to harness and provide leading-edge technology in the service of our customers. Our combination of solid engineering knowledge and expertise is used to develop our products and services that precisely meet our customers’ individual requirements and thereby help them to achieve their business objectives from the initial investment to the optimal operational performance. We are very pleased to provide our total quality solution covering the product – project – system, and include the customers’ own competitive advantages to collaboratively resolve all the complex issues in diverse businesses or industry, e.g. cement industry, manufacturing plant, etc. commencing from green field to the rehabilitation projects as a single solid professional solution provider.

To enquire about the broad range of UNIS THAI Co., Ltd. business activities and expertise, please contact our sales representatives for more detailed information.
We look forward to serving your business soon; we will strive to provide  the total quality engineering solutions beyond your expectations.


With my warmest regards
Manop Roddej
(Managing Director)

UNIS THAI Company Profile

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